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Using a Smartphone App for communication could help improve your next Ofsted inspection report.

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mySchoolApp improves parental engagement

A school being judged as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted must show “highly successful strategies for engaging with parents and carers, to the very obvious benefit of pupils, including those who might traditionally find working with the school difficult.” Therefore, Schools must look to provide the best communication tools available to parents and carers. Finding the right tool can help to improve Ofsted Inspection Reports.

Ofsted are increasingly focused on how schools are working to improve parental engagement. What is also especially relevant is that schools often tell us that communication is an area that Parents and Carers feel could improve when they provide feedback.

How can a smartphone App help improve Ofsted inspection reports?

mySchoolApp not only provides the best tool to help Parents and Carers know what’s going on at school but also creates a trail of the events and messages schools send to Parents and Carers. This trail is demonstrable at your School’s Ofsted inspection as proof of communication.

mySchoolApp enables schools to publish the latest policies and procedures directly to Parents and Carers smartphones. Consequently, this ensures that they are aware of the latest information.

Schools can also publish surveys and forms to gain valuable feedback from Parents and Carers.

mySchoolApp even has an optional feature allowing schools to publish a direct link to the Ofsted Parentview site. This enables Parents and Carers to offer feedback about their Childs’ school from their Smartphone.

Every feature available in the mySchoolApp platform can help schools improve their communication approaches. As a result they are demonstrable additions that can help to improve Ofsted Inspection Reports.

In conclusion, using a smartphone app such as mySchoolApp as a strategy to engage with parents and carers will not only keep them updated but can also prove useful when demonstrating processes during inspection.

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mySchoolApp – engage with parents and save money too
We feel that, used well, apps can offer a useful communications channel for parents, and cut down on unnecessary admin for schools.