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Improve PTA communication by delivering information direct to parent and carer phones

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Improve PTA Communication

Finding a consistent and suitable PTA communication tool is a serious challenge facing Schools and PTA’s.

The huge choice of communication methods that organisations could use can be confusing, costly and may not necessarily provide the required level of response. Many PTA’s spend an awful lot of time and effort attempting to communicate with parents and carers but not getting the desired results.

Due to 97% of 25-34 and 96% of 35-44 year olds now owning a Smartphone, mySchoolApp is a great way of being able to communicate with parents and carers. Above all, mySchoolApp ensures that parents and carers are fully aware of the latest news and upcoming planned events.

The mySchoolApp Calendar allows parents and carers to instantly add any event to their own personal calendars with a screen-tap. Therefore, they are far more likely to remember the event and attend. With parental engagement critical to fundraising activities, what could be better than delivering information direct to parent and carer phones?

Benefits of 1 to many PTA communication

Unlike other communication systems, mySchoolApp enables the publishing of news and events to all users who download and subscribe without the concerns of ‘policing’ comments and feedback. Should Parents and Carers wish to communicate back to the PTA, they are able to via direct Email links. The mySchoolApp solution is adaptable to ensure it supports School communication policies.

mySchoolApp truly is the single communication tool that can help Schools and PTA’s. By ensuring that communication is handled and delivered via parent and carer smartphones, engagement  dramatically improves. As a result, this increase in engagement leads to improved attendance and support at future fundraising events.

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mySchoolApp – engage with parents and save money too
mySchoolApp is the missing link that enables us to communicate with parents and allows them to search for the information they want.
Andrew Carless, Deputy Headteacher, Martins Wood Primary School