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Managing consent needn’t be a paper-based headache

But for many schools it still is. So, we’ve come up with a way to make things easier, for both schools and parents. The mySchoolApp solution enables schools to request consent from parents directly via the app. School admin’s can send out as many consent requests as they wish, wherever they are. A secure and […]

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7 things schools need to know about Consent to be GDPR-compliant

Under the GDPR, there are six lawful bases for processing data, one of which is consent – schools must be able to justify their processing with at least one of these bases. This guidance outlines the key information schools need to know to ensure their consent procedures are compliant with the GDPR. 7 things schools […]

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mySchoolApp offers the perfect School Newsletter template

If you’ve found this post while looking for tips to write an engaging school newsletter, or for the perfect school newsletter template then perhaps you could look at things slightly differently and change the way your school communicates with parents/carers.

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