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mySchoolApp offers the perfect School Newsletter template

If you’ve found this post while looking for tips to write an engaging school newsletter, or for the perfect school newsletter template then perhaps you could look at things slightly differently and change the way your school communicates with parents/carers.

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8 easy PTA fundraising ideas

School fetes and big events are fun ways to raise cash but they are time-consuming and rely on you having lots of volunteers to help out.

Here are eight easy ways to help put a few quid in the PTA coffers without too much effort.

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Tell us your story! #mySchoolAppStories

School photo day – don’t we all do our best to make sure our little darlings look neat for at least one day?

Clean shirt (maybe even a new one if you’re super-organised!). Lovely ironed uniform, hair brushed into submission, or tied up in a style that will manage to hold until after break, because somebody thought it would be a good idea to book the reception class in for their photos after they’d been running around outside in the mud!

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