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Improve PTA fundraising using mySchoolApp

Communication with parents and carers is vital for successful PTA fundraising. mySchoolApp ensures that your fundraising events are in parent and carer calendars by sending them straight to their smartphones.

The mySchoolApp Calendar enables parents and carers to instantly add any event to their own calendars with just a screen-tap. Therefore, they are far more likely to remember the event and attend. Parental engagement is critical when ‘drumming up’ support for fundraising activities undertaken by the PTA. What better PTA fundraising communication device is there than parent and carer phones?

‘Many hands make light work’. mySchoolApp can also dynamically link to the Volunteer and Donate pages on your website. The more opportunities for parents and carers to engage with the PTA results in improved event attendance and volunteering.

Is mySchoolApp just for PTA fundraising communication?

You might also like to talk to us about using mySchoolApp to advertise local businesses to your school PTA community. This is a great for raising additional income for your PTA through advertising revenue and takes very little effort. If you would like to talk to our team about this, we would be happy to discuss the options.

Ultimately, the more parents and carers aware of PTA activities and events means improved event participation and attendance. This helps to raise more money, awareness and support for your school which is the main aim of any PTA. mySchoolApp ensures that your PTA fundraising communication is published direct to parent and carer smartphones meaning they won’t miss it.

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mySchoolApp – engage with parents and save money too
mySchoolApp is the missing link that enables us to communicate with parents and allows them to search for the information they want.
Andrew Carless, Deputy Headteacher, Martins Wood Primary School