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Could a Smartphone app help counter school budget cuts? Take a FREE trial.

A school app for parents and carers that brings your comm's bang up-to-date

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Engage with parents on their phones

Did you know…

These days people are online with their phones for an average of a day a week!

It is because of this staggering statistic that more schools are now introducing a smartphone app for parents and carers.

Communicating via their own app enables schools to keep parents and carers in touch with school life via the phone in their pocket.

Using mySchoolApp means schools can also promote themselves to prospective parents and carers.

Don’t get left behind – ensure that your school is using the best technology to engage and communicate with parents and carers. Sign up a for a FREE, 14 day, no obligation trial of mySchoolApp.

Is a smartphone app for parents and carers just for communication?

No – mySchoolApp is not just a smartphone app for parents and carers to receive communication from schools. The advanced features of mySchoolApp enables schools to publish calendar events, receive absence notifications, and publish photos and letters home. Our free translation feature instantly translates your content to 60+ languages. The language preference is set individually by your users.

Not only can mySchoolApp help schools improve communication with parents and carers, schools can save money as well. With school budgets so precious, looking at new technology and the savings that can be achieved is certainly a worthwhile exercise.

The improvements in mobile technology and communication over the last few years means that we now expect information to come to us, rather than having to find it. Parents and Carers are no different.

We’ve made it simple to manage too

We know time is precious commodity in schools, so our easy-to-use web portal, where you manage your app content, gives you all the control you need. And with the ability to create multiple administrators, it means the task can be shared too.

Don’t get left behind.

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Plus loads more including options for consent and online shop.

mySchoolApp – engage with parents and save money too
mySchoolApp has proven to be a great way to keep parents well-informed – an excellent resource we can highly recommend.
Sue Fitzpatrick, Deputy Headteacher, Beaudesert Lower School