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The rise of video use in school to home communication

It is undeniable that Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. We’re all adjusting to new lifestyles, work environments and ways to interact with colleagues, and learners. While you might be busy rethinking your school’s operations to create a safer and more comfortable environment for all, it is also essential to put yourself in the parents’ shoes too.

Parents and carers have had to adapt to working from home and cope with various and sudden restriction changes – as a result, a drop in engagement should not come as a surprise! However, parental involvement has never been as important for schools, as it is today.

A 2018 report shows how parental engagement is essential for student progress. Education Standard bodies also recognise parental involvement, as a key indicator, when grading a school.

Finding new ways to connect can truly make a difference. The increasing use of video for school to home communication has proven to be an exciting way forward. Here’s all you need to know!

How videos are driving engagement in today’s digital era

Videos provide bite-sized pieces of information

If you have been working in education for years, you have seen communication channels and materials evolve. From letters sent via ‘pupil post’ to occasional phone calls, school to home communication has developed to embrace the new digital means. Among these, it has become obvious that nothing drives engagement more than video content and material.

Videos provide bite-sized pieces of information that are engaging and visually appealing – compressed into minutes or just seconds of content. So, the parents and carers can get involved with the school community with an engaging video that is fun and quick to watch, rather than considering  about school letters a chore.

A more efficient way to communicate

Today, we are all overwhelmed with a continuous flood of information – and parents are no different. As they work from home, their days are often all about catching up with work and personal notifications. Videos have been highly effective in truly cutting through this noise and maintaining a clear channel of direct communication.

Videos allow you to create content that is eye-catching, easy to interpret, user-friendly – and they fit the need for fast and engaging information.

As edtech, digital marketing and information technology evolve, parents can enjoy easier-to-access, higher-quality videos that stand out from other forms of information – directly from their phones.

Indeed, as many now prefer watching rather than reading to absorb essential info, video consumption is rising by 100% every year.

Videos are taking over any platform.

If you hold a social media account, you have seen the development that these platforms have undergone over the past few years. Today, most channels support and promote video content – from Facebook stories to IGTV or YouTube videos.
And, if you have been using social media to engage with your student’s parents, you have probably used these means before. Nonetheless, some nursery settings, early years, and primary schools are reluctant or prohibited to post relevant content on social media platforms.

However, edtech has evolved to meet the needs for a private and secure communication channel. This guarantees that your school’s video content is delivered only to your desired audience – safely.

Aside from driving engagement, the increasing use of video for school to home communication is an excellent way to keep the parents involved with their children’s progress while giving them all the peace of mind they need!

Explainer videos can streamline communication.

By next year, it is forecast that 82% of consumer internet traffic will come from online videos.

Covid-19 restrictions have shown an increased need for online education options supported by smart edtech.
Indeed, while schools have now reopened, some of the consequences of the pandemic will linger for months – and by then, many aspects of education may retain permanent changes!

Using explainer videos for your school to home communication is an excellent way to supply parents with the information they need to be more involved with the school. Or, you can create videos to support the learning process, such as how you’re teaching fractions.

Of course, it has been challenging for teachers to adapt to hosting lessons on conferencing platforms. However, students and pupils had to face the same learning curve – and without the support of their school friend and classmates!

Home-schooling and live-video lessons have helped students carry on with their education while in the middle of a pandemic, but there have also been downsides.

Thanks to explainer videos, your institution can leverage a different, more engaging way to help students catch up on lost learning and break the monotony of book-learning.

By next year, it is forecast that 82% of consumer internet traffic will come from online videos. Creating explainer videos might open up your school to the opportunities this trend can bring.

Offer valuable insights with vlogs.

We have all been camera-shy at some point in our lives! However, the opportunities that vlogging and creating videos can bring to any organisation have encouraged many to get in front of a camera. After all, in an environment so influenced by technology, we are all still looking for human touch.

Launching a vlog at your school can help you show ‘a day in the life’, your routine, the student’s progress, and future projects directly through the eyes of those part of your school’s community. As the parents can become a ‘fly on the wall’ and see students and teachers in action, they will feel more engaged and involved in their children’s daily lives.

mySchoolApp – a tailored solution for ultimate parental engagement

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Many now prefer watching rather than reading…

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