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Engage parents with a school app. Photo by Kristin Brown

Why should my primary school be using an app to communicate and engage with parents and carers?

In today’s digital age, mobile apps have become an essential tool for everyone, including parents with primary school age children. These apps can revolutionise the way parents interact with their children’s education and school activities. In this blog post, we will examine the virtues of using a mobile app to engage parents of primary school age children.

Easy Communication

With the app, parents can access school news and updates, and receive real-time notifications. These features ensure that parents never miss important information about their children’s education, such as upcoming events or tests.


In today’s fast-paced world, parents often find it challenging to keep up with their children’s academic progress and learning activities. With mobile apps, parents can have access to their children’s school from anywhere in the world. It provides flexibility, allowing parents to stay involved in their children’s lives, even when they are traveling or busy.

In conclusion, mobile apps are an innovative solution that can significantly benefit primary school age children and their parents. They offer easy communication, enhance student performance, encourage collaboration between parents and teachers, improve safety, and provide flexibility. These virtues demonstrate the importance of mobile apps in bridging the gap between parents and schools, ultimately improving the quality of education.

But we already have a website. How would an app improve things?

Accessibility: A mobile app provides parents with easy access to school-related information and activities. They can quickly check messages from teachers, view upcoming events on the calendar, and see their child’s attendance records.

Convenience: Parents can easily access the app while on-the-go or away from their computer. They can receive notifications about important school events and deadlines.

Communication: A mobile app can provide a direct channel of communication between teachers and parents. They can easily be sent reminders and updates about school-related activities.

Engagement: A mobile app can provide a more interactive and engaging experience for parents. For example, a school could survey parents on the dinner menu or include a video in a news update.

a mobile app can provide a more efficient and personalised experience for parents

Overall, a mobile app can provide a more efficient and personalised experience for parents, making it easier for them to engage with their child’s school activities.

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