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Managing consent needn’t be a paper-based headache

For many schools it can be, so we’ve come up with a way to make things easier, for both schools and parents.

The mySchoolApp solution enables schools to request consent from parents directly via the app. School admin’s can send out as many consent requests as they wish, wherever they are. A secure and comprehensive report, showing the status of all consent items, is readily available to view.

mySchoolApp Consent is simple and seamless – no more need for spreadsheets, paper or headaches!

The features and benefits of mySchoolApp Consent

  • A centrally managed solution to simplify the process
  • Check consent status at the click of a mouse and run reports
  • Alert parents and carers that haven’t responded
  • Unlimited consent requests
  • Password or Touch/Face ID secured for parents
  • Save money by eliminating print and paper costs
  • Fully GDPR compliant

How does it work for schools?

Schools sign up for a 12-month period to take the optional Consent module. We will connect to the school’s MIS via our integration partner Wonde. This will give mySchoolApp a live data feed and create parent/child relationship data.
School administrators will create consent items in the mySchoolApp portal. Each item will contain the following:

  • Title of the item
  • Description of the item and why consent is being requested
  • Terms (default or custom)

Once a consent item has been created, it will be published to the app for parents to action immediately.

And if parents need a nudge…

Linked app messaging can be used to alert parents that they are required to act on a particular consent. Parents will tap on the app message and be taken directly to the consent item on the app.



What do parents and carers see?

Parents will see items listed in a new consent section in the app menu. They will tap the item to view the detail.

When the parent has reviewed the description and terms, they can associate their action with a particular child. By tapping on the name field, a list of the children they have parental responsibility for will be displayed on screen. Once selected, they will  either tap the I AGREE or I DO NOT grant consent buttons. The app will request they enter their Password or use Touch/Face ID to authorise the action.

This response will be reported immediately to the mySchoolApp portal and parents will be sent a confirmation email.

Full reporting in the admin portal

School Administrators can view the status of any consent item in the portal. Once a consent item has been selected, the administrator will be able to filter by year and class. The portal will display a list of children’s names, together with one of the following status options:

  • No action (not yet viewed by parent)
  • Viewed (parent has viewed but not actioned)
  • Granted
  • Denied

The latest action by the parent will be date and time logged in the portal.

Once the filters have been selected, school admin’s can generate a report that can be sorted by Parent name, Child name or Consent status and this can be exported in either PDF or csv format.

“We have found the Consent feature on mySchoolApp very simple to use and we know that parents are finding it useful too. In fact, when we asked for photo permission consent, we were amazed to receive responses back from parents within minutes! Chasing parents for consent has, up to now, been challenging as parent and school lives are so busy – this makes it so easy.”

Our Consent module has been developed in response to school staff requesting it as an option on our app. Many other solutions on the market are simply forms for data collection, which then require additional administration time to collate the results. mySchoolApp offers a fully integrated and seamless consent solution, delivering comprehensive reporting with minimal effort to the school at an affordable price.

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