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Never enough time? Time to think differently!

We talk to a lot of schools, and a comment we hear over and over again is: “we haven’t got the time”. We hear you, we know that all schools are busy, and it really isn’t in our interest to burden you with yet ‘another thing to do!’

However, spending a few minutes on alternative thinking might help you make some big changes – and ultimately save you precious hours!

For example, do you publish all your news and calendar events on the school website? That probably sucks up vast amounts of time – and interrupts your working day – which stops you completing other tasks you have to get done.

Why not use an app to publish your news and events instead?

Instead, why not leave the website in a static state, with information that doesn’t change that often – school uniform policy, details on reporting absences and so on – and use an app to publish your news and events instead? It’s so much simpler – and can all be done with the click of a button.

This way you also ensure that everyone sees it. How many calls do you take in a day from parents asking about whether it is non-uniform day, checking the date of a school trip, or what day the children need to bring in the money for an end-of-term activity? This information will all come to their phones and tablets courtesy of an app such as mySchoolApp, and your phone will ring a little less incessantly.

Sending news updates and class/team/individual achievement news via the app will also do away with your printed newsletter. How long does that take to put together? The trouble is that a printed weekly newsletter can be really time-consuming. It gets put off because more pressing matters need to be dealt with, and then it ends up being late, and turns into a bumper edition, where half the ‘news’ is pretty old, and it takes an age to proofread, print and distribute.

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Using an app such as mySchoolApp enables you to inform parents as and when things happen. Not only will your parents feel that they are really involved in everyday school life, but you’ll get some of your own life back too.

And because you can be sure that your messages are getting through to the right people, you’ll save time on chasing up parents, answering calls from the mum who never received the newsletter (which may well be lingering at the bottom of a schoolbag along with that mouldering banana) and dealing with children who haven’t come in fancy dress/brought in photos from home or whatever it was they needed for the special project the whole school is doing that day.

There, we hope that was worth a few minutes of your time!